Bare Brick Graffiti Remover (BBSM)

Bare Brick, Stone and Masonry Graffiti Remover is a biodegradable chemical used for the fast, effective removal of all types of spray paints, oil/latex/water-based paint over-spray, paint spill stains, stubborn oil stains as well as grease, grime, grunge and other marks.

It is designed for use on porous building surfaces, including brick, concrete, cinder block, split face block, exposed aggregate, limestone, granite, marble, etc.  It is also safe and effective when used on steel, trees, plastics and playground equipment.

It has an incredibly consistent 98% success rate with one application.

Removes approximately 200 square feet of graffiti per gallon on concrete, brick, block or masonry.  Approximately 80 square feet per gallon on sandstone, limestone or similar and approximately 1000 square feet on smoother painted surfaces.


Vendor: GRS Supplies

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