Anti-Graffiti Coating

This amazing product is a virtually invisible sacrificial anti-graffiti coating. It's made from wax polymers that act as a protection product for the surface it gets applied to. It's ideal for delicate historic building structures or surfaces which have incurred previous damage.

The coating flexes with ambient temperature and is durable and UV stable. The end result is a long lasting invisible protective barrier which behaves like a "living" skin reinventing itself (almost daily) in the sun, rain and wind. One critical advantage? No water vapors are ever trapped and, as a result, walls "breathe" normally, with moisture allowed to pass during these times. It will protect your property from all types of graffiti, grime, pollution, sea and salt spray for up to 10 years.

Coverage rate is approximately 200 square feet per gallon on porous surfaces (including 2 coats) or approximately 800 square feet per gallon on hard impervious surfaces where only one coat is required.

Vendor: GRS Supplies

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