Helping remove graffiti in every neighborhood

Since 2007, Watts Removal Products has been a licensed independent distributor and US Sales agent for Urban Restoration Group.  I have had the privilege to travel the country and conduct "Graffiti sales blitzs" with teams in the commercial paint channel and continue to do this today.  Watts Removal continues to expand our customer base and I enjoy being in front of customers who want to learn how to remove graffiti effectively and without damage to their property.  

These products are effective in removing graffiti, paint, over-spray, permanent markers, boot polish, paint pens from brick, stone, concrete, signs, metal surfaces, painted surfaces, plastics, plexi glass all without damage to the underlying surface, that's because all of the products we sell are EPA and VOC Compliant and contain no Phosphates, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons, Xylene or any other substance known to cause environmental or health destruction. 

Plus all products are manufactured and produced in the USA! 

There are 1000's of cities, community groups, professional graffiti removal teams and municipalities that use this method of removal, why? Because it works and believe me I have used every method possible and almost every product. 

Please enjoy viewing our site. Look at our products, view our pictures and videos then let us know if you have any questions.

Remember, Graffiti is a Crime and the only difference between Graffiti and Art is permission!!!  

Happy Removing